We want to get to know you!
You may be wondering...
  • What is Faith Lutheran Church like?
    • When you walk in the doors of FAITH, you’ll be welcomed and surrounded by people of all kinds and ages. While we take Jesus pretty seriously, we love to laugh and sing, serve and play together, too. Our worship is a mixture of a lot of different styles and forms and often changes.
  • What about my kids?
    • Kids are ALWAYS welcome!
    • Pray-Ground space where young children can color, play or stretch their legs when they need to during worship.
    • Family Space - you can see and hear the service if you need to take your child out of the service for any reason.
    • Nursery Care - ages birth - 3 years old
    • Sunday School - ages 4 - 5th grade
  • What do you have for my youth?
    • 6th grade - 12th graders are always welcome in worship, and can help serve Communion, usher, and be part of the worship band and/or leadership. Talk to Pastor Jane!
    • Our youth meet regularly on Sunday evenings, 5-7 pm, dinner included.
  • What do I wear?
    • Whatever makes you comfortable.
    • Some of us dress up for church, while others wear shorts and flip flops (our pastor loves her Chacos!).
  • How can I get connected?
    • Click on the Connect to FAITH button below.
    • Providing your information helps us know what you're interested in, what questions you might have, and how we can help you get connected to this amazing community we call FAITH.
    • Download the FAITH App below.
  • Who can I connect with directly?
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